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Best of 3 is a blog where 3 independent digital experts in Australia express their opinions and share their current thoughts. With Sarah’s experience in production management, Val’s background in media and client service, and Mike’s ability to be outspoken about everything, this blog is an eclectic mix of thoughts about running a business, digital strategy, online marketing, production and the world in general.

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5 Tips to Improve Snapchat Marketing

5 Tips to Improve Snapchat Marketing

If you are using Snapchat marketing for your business, you must be able to analyze your Snapchat efforts. You must understand where and how to identify the Snapchat performance metrics so that it adds to the improvement of your Snapchat marketing. Below are the 5 tips on which you should focus on making the best out of the Snapchat,

  1. Watch the Total Opens

Total Opens denote the total number or aggregate of viewers across all your stories on Snapchat.  This metric will enable you to gauge the two-ways strategy; namely the content and the growth. For this, you can use a tool named You should make your snaps; funny, ironical, interesting and useful. Your snap should fulfil a need and deliver value; while delivering information and eliciting a human emotion. Be honest with yourself and ask for feedback from others and harness the power of anticipation. You can also try to promote the post by sending relevant website traffic through organic. If you need to hire a marketing agency to help you with this is a great service to help you compare Social media marketing agencies.

  1. Monitor Average Open Rates

The Open Rate is the % of total estimated followers that have been engaged with your story. This can be compared with engagement rates on other social networks. The higher the number of opens, higher will be the percentage. You should, therefore, focus on the growth strategy. In order to build a higher following, share your snapchat with relevant audiences; by sharing your snapcode on all your collateral and at your events and social networks.

  1. Track Average Screenshots

Screenshot is the total number of screenshots for all the snaps in a story. From this metric, you can know, how many times the viewers have saved your snap; thus indicating the value of your snap for them. To ensure this value addition, plan your content well ahead of time. Make an editorial calendar, incorporating therein, everything that you need to use throughout the year. Make your snap worthy of being viewed.

  1. Observe Completion Rate

Completion Rate denotes the percentage of followers that viewed your entire story; right from its beginning to its end. This can be compared to the rate of retention on other social networks. This metric is an indicator of loyalty of your audience and their intent of going further into your story. Therefore, increase the completion rate. This can be ensured if you keep your story brief and provide the cause of interaction. You can support it by image, video, and call to action. You can tell your audience, what to do next.

  1. Analyze Follower Growth

Determine the sources your audiences are coming from, which you can do by having a look on Follower Growth by Source. You can adjust your strategy accordingly. You can acquire Snapchat by user name. After you know how your followers are joining you, you can optimize the source for making it easier for the users to connect with you. For instance, if they are connecting through a snap code, put your focus on promoting your snap code instead of on user name or your phone number. After adding friends, ensure that they are following you, by viewing a user’s snap score on tapping on their user name. A pop up with an avatar image and the number of snaps they have sent (score) will enable you to know the snap score.

By gauging these metrics, you can put your efforts for improving your Snapchat Marketing. If you have a website that is linkeding to your snapchat account, a good way to send traffic to your snapchat profiles is the list the QR codes on your website.  A Linkedin Marketing Agency can also aid to help you grow your Linkedin network.

Mike Zeederberg

Skilled at the art of integrating digital strategy into overall communications plans in a way that delivers business results (and does well at “buzzword bingo”)
0406 576 441

Valentina Borbone

Deeply understands the wide range of digital campaign executions, and how to manage projects and campaigns in such a way that everyone enjoys the trip (and is great at keeping teams of disparate people happy)
0411 656 665

Sarah Wright

If you can think of it, Sarah can deliver it – on time, on budget, and in a way that bakes in usability and customer understanding (and she’s great at project recons)
0415 492 624

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